Blood flow in high-tension and normal-tension glaucoma

Information about related fields

In this section of our webpage we present information which does not strictly belong to the topic of glaucoma, but is nevertheless interesting in this context.
The goal of any glaucoma therapy is to preserve the visual field. Perimetry is therefore one of the most important examinations in glaucoma. We show here how perimetry results are summarized with visual field indices. Then we describe the G1-program, a program especially developed for glaucoma and explain how to interpret the Bebie-curve. Finally, we point to two books that explain perimetry in a good and understandable way.
We have already described on this webpage the importance of Flammer syndrome in the pathogenesis of glaucoma damage. However, the Flammer syndrome also plays a role in many other situations and diseases. The relevant publications are accessible here.