Blood flow in high-tension and normal-tension glaucoma

Professional issues

Dr. Katarzyna Konieczka, MD

Dr. K. Konieczka is an ophthalmologist. After medical school and training in ophthalmology in Poland, she moved to the Department of Ophthalmology at the University Hospital Basel in 2008, where she trained as a glaucoma specialist under the mentorship of Prof. Josef Flammer. Her scientific and clinical emphasis is glaucoma, in particular normal tension glaucoma and blood flow. Over many years she was able to acquire clinical experience in an university setting. Academically, she discovered the associations of primary vascular dysregulation with other symptoms and signs and introduced them to the international scientific literature in 2014 as "Flammer syndrome". She also analyzed and described the role of Flammer syndrome in the development and progression of various diseases, especially normal tension glaucoma. Since 2017, she has been running a glaucoma clinic at the Eye Center Fankhauser in Bern, Switzerland, in parallel to her research activities at the University of Basel. With her holistic approach, she views glaucoma in the global context of body and soul. Her numerous scientific publications can be found in her publications list. She is also first author of the new German edition of the "Glaucoma Book" founded by J. Flammer and translated into 24 languages.

Publication list (last update: May 2024)