Blood flow in high-tension and normal-tension glaucoma

How is the blood flow in glaucoma?

That ocular blood flow is reduced in glaucoma is undisputed today. Here we summarize the most important, partly new findings:
The reduction of blood flow manifests itself mainly in a decrease of blood flow velocity. A reduced flow velocity is not only found in the eye, but also, for example, in the fingers. The reduction of blood flow in the eye correlates with the reduction of blood flow in the fingers. The cause of the circulatory disturbance in glaucoma is not so much arteriosclerosis or its risk factors, but rather an altered regulation of the blood flow, usually caused by the patient's Predisposition. This regulation disorder manifests itself, for example, in an increased reaction to cold. Since it is a systemic change, we also find connections of the ocular blood flow with circulation disorders in the heart, the ears, the nose and the blood.