Blood flow in high-tension and normal-tension glaucoma

Causes of circulatory disturbance in glaucoma

We have already described above that in glaucoma the blood flow is more or less disturbed. Part of this disturbance is caused by the glaucoma damage. In atrophy, tissue disappears and thus blood vessels also regress. More important and interesting for us, however, are the circulatory dysfunctions that precede the damage and are causally involved in the development of the damage. We describe here the most important risk factors for this. Each of the listed risk situations can by itself disturb the blood circulation, but in most cases, it is the interaction of several factors. For example, the more pronounced the vascular dysregulation, the greater the influence of an increase in eye pressure or a decrease in blood pressure. With each patient, we search for and weigh the causes individually, so that we can target them therapeutically.