Blood flow in high-tension and normal-tension glaucoma

Relationship between eyes and ears / nose

The ear has many similarities with the eye. For example, normal tension glaucoma patients, especially if they have Flammer's syndrome, often report that they have already had acute hearing loss. These correlations are currently still being researched. But interestingly, there is also a connection between the eye and the nose, respectively the ability to smell.
Smell perception in normal tension glaucoma patients
M Mozaffarieh, D Hauenstein, A Schötzau, K Konieczka, J Flammer:
Smell perception in normal tension glaucoma patients
In many degenerative diseases, the ability to smell declines at an early age. This is also true for glaucoma. Normal tension glaucoma patients with Flammer syndrome (FS), on the other hand, usually still smell well. We can explain this by the fact that healthy people with FS have a better than average ability to smell. If they develop normal tension glaucoma, the ability to smell decreases but remains better than in other glaucoma patients, as Mozaffarieh and co-authors have shown.