Blood flow in high-tension and normal-tension glaucoma
This homepage describes the role of ocular blood flow in glaucoma.

0 - Who are we?
Behind are ophthalmologists with a comprehensive approach to glaucoma patients.

1 - Glaucoma: more than just eye pressure
Intraocular pressure, ocular blood flow and the patient's general health are important.

2 - How is the blood flow in glaucoma?
In many glaucoma patients, blood flow in the eye is reduced.

3 - Causes of circulatory disturbance in glaucoma
In glaucoma, a dysregulation of the blood vessels is the most common cause of the impaired blood flow.

4 - What mechanisms are involved in the development of the damage
The dysregulation of blood vessels causes instability of oxygen supply and oxidative stress.

5 - Vascular concept of glaucoma damage
Glaucoma damage usually results from an interaction of several factors and mechanisms.

6 - Glaucoma therapy
Depending on the patient, the focus is more on intraocular pressure, retinal venous pressure, or vascular regulation.

7 - Information about related fields
Additional information, such as perimetry, contributes to the understanding of glaucoma.

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