Blood flow in high-tension and normal-tension glaucoma

Worsening despite normal eye pressure

The literature on glaucoma is very large. It is not our intention to give a complete overview of this literature on this webpage. Rather, we focus on the question why glaucoma damage (GON) can occur and progress despite normal or well-controlled eye pressure. We show on this webpage which answers our research has provided and how we evaluate and treat such patients.
Role of ocular blood flow in normal tension glaucoma
X Wu, K Konieczka, X Liu, M Chen, K Yao, K Wang, J Flammer:
Role of ocular blood flow in normal tension glaucoma
This website describes the influence of blood flow on the development of glaucoma damage. In terms of IOP in glaucoma, there is the whole spectrum, from very high to low normal values. The lower the IOP at which damage occurs or progresses, the greater the likelihood that other factors are involved. Normal-tension glaucoma is therefore particularly suitable for studying such factors. While there are ethnic differences in incidence, there are also basic similarities and these are described here in this Chinese-Swiss review.
Visual Field Progression in Glaukoma
J Flammer:
Visual field progression in glaucoma (Video)
We need to separate risk factors for an increase in eye pressure from risk factors that increase the likelihood of the occurrence or progression of glaucoma damage at a given eye pressure. At a 2011 web conference, risk factors for progression of visual field damage were discussed. We show you here a recording of the presentation by Josef Flammer. He talked about causes, disease mechanisms and therapies.